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For the Pharmaceutical Products Industry

Qualicaps capsules are high-function, high-quality capsules intended to provide the kind of high accuracy and quality demanded by the pharmaceutical products industry. The capsules seek to make the ingestion of pharmaceutical products easier, to protect the integrity of pharmaceutical products encapsulated, to make products more identifiable, and to enable easier handling of the products.

Qualicaps capsules are designed and manufactured to meet the aforementioned array of needs. Furthermore, our capsules are manufactured in compliance with the GMP standards expected of materials that go into the production of pharmaceutical products.

At the same time, utilizing the capsule production technology we have cultivated over time, we are proactively engaged in the provision of design, installation, and technical services that give high added-value to pharmaceutical product-related equipment.

Capsule Lineup

Pharmaceutical Equipment Lineup

Pharmaceutical Capsule Machines

Pharmaceutical Tablet Machines

Development System

As pipeline compounds have diversified more and more in recent years, Qualicaps has succeeded in bringing to market gelatin capsules containing PEG, plant-based HPMC capsules, and other capsules we have developed to accommodate these diversified compounds. With state-of-the-art, fully-automatic tablet surface inspection machines that make possible highly accurate inspections and UV laser marking systems that require no ink, Qualicaps is using specialized technology to develop and bring to market products that meet the needs of one and all.

Support System

A unique strength of Qualicaps is our ability to support the pharmaceutical product manufacturing needs of customers on the basis of our know-how of both capsules and the equipment related to capsule production. As we receive many and diverse requests, our sales and marketing, R&D, and production divisions are working in collaboration to provide responses that are earnest and spot-on.

With production and sales bases in Japan, North America, and Europe that are capable of mutual coverage in times of emergency, we at Qualicaps have the kind of commitment to crisis control that assures that we are always there to provide the capsules and pharmaceutical product-related equipment that are of such critical importance.

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