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For the Health Food Product Industry

Qualicaps provides products that can be used with peace of mind by one and all. These are hard capsules made at plants that meet the stringent conditions set by JIHFS health food GMP certification for raw materials. Compared to tablets, soft capsules, and other options, hard capsules are the most rational format, as these capsules are easy to develop and manufacture and the format is easier on the health food product that is encapsulated.

A plant-based capsule, the HPMC capsule is in the process of dominating the market. Twenty years ago Qualicaps became the first Japanese manufacturer to develop HPMC capsules for pharmaceutical product use. We have sold HPMC capsules for food use since 2007 and currently continue to provide these products with our long track record and assured quality. Customers who had been having trouble with conventional gelatin capsules and plant-based capsules cracking have praised our products as “capsules that never crack.”

It is possible to equip hard capsules with a number of functions. Qualicaps technology makes it possible to add various colors and lettering enabling customers to establish differentiation from other manufacturers’ products. We have also realized liquid and powder filling with band sealing for the prevention of leakage and oxidation.

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Support System

A unique strength of Qualicaps is our ability to support the health food product manufacturing needs of customers on the basis of our know-how of both capsules and the equipment related to capsule production. Qualicaps assists customers with the development of new products through capsule filling of health food products and test production of band sealing. We also assist customers in getting the right production equipment through the various pharmaceutical equipment that we have developed in-house and the rich array of technical competencies we have cultivated in the field of pharmaceutical products.

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