Quality Assurance


We boast a high level of trust, safety, and quality.

Capsules are listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia and are handled as pharmaceutical products under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. Since first devised in France in 1833, capsules have been used widely the world over. Due to the need for improved productivity in the current age, there is greater demand for conformity to high-speed filling machines and greater quality. With the objective of achieving customer satisfaction, we at Qualicaps are also proactively addressing the "soft" aspects of GMP, going above and beyond legally mandated requirements.

Compliance with Regulations

Quality Initiatives

Following the management benchmarks sought in global GMP through world standards such as ICH Q7 GMP, we are committed to improving our quality and service to accurately and consistently meet the needs of our customers in all aspects, ranging from the receipt of materials, to production, manufacture process control, and the shipping of products. Based on the companywide spirit of putting quality first, we intend on continuing to provide products that can be used with peace of mind through quality assurance that meets global standards.