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Pharmaceutical Equipment for Tablets

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Laser Imprinting System

Marking symbols on the surface of various pharmaceutical products, such as tablets, soft capsules, hard capsules, and etc.
UV marking system without any ink contributes to an improvement of running cost reduction as well as to getting rid of quality problems that stem from offset or inkjet printing, such as ink smudges, broken lettering, and so on.
*Carrying system of this is different from that of soft capsule.

[LIS250 D]
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  • LIS-250D

LIS250 D

Tablet Imprinting System with Inspection Function

This is a tablet (sugarcoated, film coated, irregular formed) and soft capsule printer that is equipped with functions for inspecting the front, back, and sides.

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  • IS500

Tablet Imprinting Machine

By keeping functions to a minimum, this machine is compact and light-weight yet still maintains high imprinting quality.

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  • QI300

Multi-Dosage Weight Inspection Machines

This machine inspects the weight of hard/soft capsules and tablets of various shapes and sizes. Fewer change parts are needed, which reduces time and cost.

[ MWI ]
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  • MWI

Visual Inspection Machine for Tablet

Equipped with state-of-the-art optics, this is a surface inspection machine that makes possible inspection of the entire tablet, including the edges, by photographing with the same camera fronts & sides and backs & sides.


Qualicaps Sorter

This machine uses a color camera to enable imprinting and surface inspection.


Solid Dosage Counting and Botling Machine with Inspection System

This is a machine for filling bottles with counted numbers of capsules and tablets, assuring by CCD color line sensor camera that there is no mixing with different products.

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  • BM-250/500

High Performance Tabletting Machine

HPTM-EX is a tableting machine to manufacture moldings satisfying both of easy solubility and firmness such as orally-disintegrating tablets and foods which are supposed to be dissolved for use.

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Tablet Printing Inks

Utilizing many years of experience in capsule printing, we have started the internal manufacture of ink and offer for sale a number of those inks for use in tablet printing.


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