About Qualicaps

CSR Activities

We at Qualicaps are deeply aware that our company is also a member of society, and in our efforts toward being a company that earns the trust of society, we are engaged in CSR activities and community activities.

Contribution to Society

1. Volunteer leave policy
2. The Qualicaps Mutual Aid Association
Donations to the Japan Committee for UNICEF, the Japan Guide Dog Association, the Nara Greening Promotion Society, the Prefectural Community Chest of Nara.
The Mutual Aid Association is made up of employees, the labor union, and the company.
3. The Qualicaps Labor Union

Collecting and donating used postage stamps.
"White Ribbon Movement (*)"
"Overseas Bicycle Assistance "
"Better Health for Afghan Mothers and Children Project "
"Program to support orphans affected by disasters "

* A movement to ensure the health and lives of mothers and children

Community Activities

1. Community Clean-up: Participation biannually in the Yamatokoriyama City activity

Qualicaps participation in the community clean-up
2. Blood donation : bloodmobile visits us biannually
3. A member of Showa Industrial Park Association for community contribution
4. Donations to community activities