About Qualicaps


We at Qualicaps will help you overcome hurdles by leveraging our unparalle led technology for your safisfaction and success.

Since the founding of the company in 1965, we at Qualicaps have been engaged in the business of hard capsules for pharmaceuticals and health food as well as equipment for pharmaceutical manufacturing with the mission statement of "providing the best products needed by customers in the pharmaceutical and health food industries."

We believe that our mission at Qualicaps is to respond to the trust and needs of customers by the total approach of providing high-quality, high function hard capsules as well as design, development, manufacture, installation and technological services for manufacturing-related equipment using know-how in capsule manufacturing technology that we have cultivated over many years.

We at Qualicaps will continue to be a company to promote wealthy and sustainable society together with you.

Qualicaps Co., Ltd
Director and President
(Group CEO)
Yoji Date

The Qualicaps Mission Statement

Qualicaps will provide superior and valued products that contribute to the improvement of people's health.
Toward this end we:
develop products of ever increasing quality;
manufacture products of ever increasing quality;
distribute products for global customers to be convinced worth purchasing; and
develop, manufacture and distribute products in a feasible and economical manner.
This means we at Qualicaps:
have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo, always fostering innovation; and dedicate ourselves to self-improvement.
Outcomes will be:
our finding the work and lives more rewarding;
our finding the way of lives more enriched; and
our leading the lives that are richer.