Pharmaceutical Capsules

Product Lineup


There are seven sizes of capsules, ranging from size 00 to size 5.


Colors / Printing

It is possible to use coloring and printing to make hard capsules identifiable. Any of a diverse array of colors can be created though the use of tar colors, natural colors, and titanium oxide. It is possible to print letters, marks, etc. with designated ink colors. Three kinds of printing are possible: "axial printing," "rectified axial printing," and "roto printing."

Various Types of Pharmaceutical Product Filling

It is possible to fill hard capsules with two or more kinds of pharmaceutical products, such as pellets and granules or tablets and mini-tablets. In addition, even oil-based liquid pharmaceutical products or hybrid pharmaceutical products that make use of surfactants can easily be encapsulated with the use of band sealing.


Special Uses

One example of the special use of hard capsules is the dry powder inhaler that administers active ingredients to the lungs.


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