Health Food Capsules

The Advantages of Hard Capsules

Makes the health food product directly ready for market.
  • The ingredients need only be filled in the capsule
  • Capsule can be filled without the use of any excipients
  • Gentle on the ingredients: can be manufactured without added heat or pressure
Production process is minimal allowing simple manufacturing.
  • The hard capsule production process
    The hard capsule production process
  • The tablet production process
    The tablet production process
Enhances the product image.
  • Masks the unpleasant taste or odor of the ingredients
  • Attractive appearance
  • Simple to differentiate products by size and color

Product Lineup

Information on Equipment for Heath Foods

Qualicaps is also a manufacturer of equipment such as capsule filling machines and inspection machines. We offer support for the bringing to market of health foods in the domains of both capsules and production equipment.

Band Sealing Technology

It is possible to fill hard capsules with both liquid and semisolid substances. The following results can be expected.

  • Prevents the leakage of powder or liquid.

  • Prevents the leakage of unpleasant odors.

  • Prevents the product from oxidizing.

  • Prevents tampering.

  • Makes possible the creation of a brand image with colored seals.


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